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Top 10 Nigerian Rap Songs Of All Time

Top Nigerian rap songs
MI, Ruggedman, Dagrin & Modenine

Rap Music in Nigeria has come a long way. From the days of megede, fregede  to the what we have nowadays and its still evolving.  Let me start by giving credits to the likes of Junior & Pretty, Zakky  Azzay , Weird Mc, MC Smoke, Ruff Rugged & Raw, Nitro, Dr. Fresh,  Eedris Abdulkareem ,  Def’o Clan, Swat Root and the rest.   These rap veterans I mentioned did their best for rap music in Nigeria. They strived hard to set up a viable platform for  the new generation of rappers we have in Nigeria. Today we have the likes of AQ, Eva Alordiah , Pucado, Loose Kaynon, Splash , Mz Kiss, Rukus ,Lil Kesh, Jhybo,  Viktor, Poe, Ajebutter 22, Falz  just to mention a few and not forgetting rap heavy weights like  M.I , Ice Prince, Olamide, Modenine, Phyno, Ill Bliss, Naeto C, Ikechukwu, Sasha , Vector, Ela Joe , Sinzu, Yung6ix, Rugged man, Reminisce  amidst many others. 

  I will be reviewing the top 10 Nigerian Rap songs of all time. These songs revolutionized the Nigerian rap culture.  I will be listing these songs in no particular order because some of the songs in this list were released when Nigerian Rap Music was still struggling to find its feet.  The major criteria I am using here is  commercial success.   If you are ready lets hit the road.
EHEN BY RUGGEDMAN : I would love to call this song a breakthrough song for Nigerian Rap music. Although a diss track, this song single handedly revolutionized the Nigerian Rap scene. Ehen by Ruggedman was what the Nigerian Rap game needed at that point in time . The song was an eye opener as he took the likes of Rasqie, Maintain , Eedris Abdulkareem to the cleaners. Ruggedy baba followed up with “Peace or war” which was also well accepted and then “Baraje”. With ‘Baraje” , Ruggedman proved that a Nigerian rap song could be a club banger. “Baraje” was a rap song but also a  dance track. 

SAFE BY M.I : Mr. Incredible took over the baton from Ruggedman as he emerged the new rap king with his smash hit “Safe” featuring Djinee. Sequel to the release of “Safe”, M.I had previously released “Crowd Mentality” which put him on spotlight and got him an headies for the Next Rated. However the release of “Safe” made him a force to be reckoned with as the song hit Nigeria and the rest of Africa so hard . No one saw the short black boy coming thru with that sort of monster tune. ‘Safe” was a definition of creativity and originally at its peak. Till date M.I has managed to retain the title of the No 1 rapper in Nigeria after overthrowing Ruggedman. 

PON PON PON BY DAGRIN : The lyrical werey who has now been promoted to immortal status gave Yoruba rap credibility and bragging rights with his 2nd and last studio album “C.E.O”. The album C.E.O had “Pon Pon Pon” . This song blazed through the music industry and streets even without a video. His death is really a big loss to the Naija rap scene. 

CRY BY MODENINE : Malcom IX as he is fondly called is undoubtedly the best lyricist ever repping Naija.  He is the apex of lyricism in Nigerian rap. Little wonder he won the lyricist on the roll category at the headies consecutively for 3 years. Modenine has many stand out rap tunes to his credit  but  “Cry” is one of the best Nigerian song rap song of all time considering its commercial success .  Another song that  makes me respect modenine is “Elbow Room “ infact I would have gone for ‘Elbow Room” if not that “Cry” was more of a commercial success. Till date “Cry” remains modenine’s most commercial song. 

OLEKU BY ICE PRINCE FEAT. BRYMO : This song was another rap tune that got us all dancing. Many thanks to Brymo for that catchy hook. Ice prince also killed it with his rap. “Oleku” was a breakthrough song for the chocolate city rapper and till date still remain his biggest hit ever. Thank you Ice Prince Zamanni for blessing us with such a monstrous tune.

KINI BIG DEAL :  Having listened to his previous singles “Sitting On Top” and “You Know My P ” , I was one of those pundits that didn’t really gave Naeto C a chance. Fortunately for him my perception  about him changed  immediately I heard “Kini Big Deal”. That song is the reason  why Naeto C is enjoying all the buzz he is still enjoying till date. “Kini Big Deal “ gave Naeto C an MTV award and many other awards. It was a breakthrough song for him.  Naeto C put Nigerian rap on the spotlight once again with "Ki Ni Big Deal ".

ENIDURO BY OLAMIDE  : Olamide hit the scene at about the same time  Wizkid and Ice Prince did. “Eniduro” continued from where the late Dagrin stopped.  That was his first single and his breakthrough into the scene. “Eniduro”  penetrated nooks and cranies of the streets. "Eniduro  really  got  everyone wondering  where on earth did ID Cabasa discovered Olamide from .  At that time he served as a consolation for the  loss of Dagrin. Wizkid was the only artiste that stopped Olamide from becoming the next rated artiste at the headies that year. 

GHOST MODE BY OLAMIDE & PHYNO : “Ghost Mode” was not a dance track but it made a significant impact in the Nigerian music scene.  The song which was produced by Phyno blazed though the streets.  The song redefined  indigenous rap music.  The result of “Ghost Mode” saw the duo release a collabo album. 

OYA BY DA TRYBE : The song featured the likes of Sasha, Del, 2 Shotz,  Blaise , Eldee, Freestyle, Kaboom, Timi and Dr sid. Eldee the don unveiled the likes of Sasha, 2shotz, and Dr. Sid in Oya who are now having a very successful  Solo career. Jam “Oya” by Da trybe anywhere till date and you will see that it still sounds fresh like it was just released. “Oya’ is a true definition of Hip Hop.  You definitely can’t write the history of rap music in Nigeria without mentioning this song.

DELICIOUS BY 2SHOTZ & BIG LO : This song was a banger when it came out.  It ruled the airwaves , Clubs and streets. “Delicious” had this hunting Igbo flute and well laced percussion that keeps you on the dance floor. As a result of their effort,  the duo were the first recipient of the then Hip Hop World Awards which is now Headies. They went home with the best collaboration award. The song ‘Delicious’ was really delicious. 

Other notable Nigerian rap songs includes “Obodo” by Nigga Raw Featuring Klint D’ Drunk, “Make Dem Talk “ by 2Shotz Feat. 9ice, “Sanboribobo” by Sauce Kid and many more.

 Do you think there are other songs we did not mention ? You can add your’s to the list. kindly use the comment box or tweet at us @trends@9ja .

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